This hackathon aims to create high quality, media-rich, interactive iBooks for education. 


Teachers (hackers) will leverage the power of open educational resources and iBooks Author to produce multi-touch iBooks that cover at a minimum of one unit or chapter of study common to a k-12 core subject area. There is no coding knowledge needed to compete in this challenge. iBooks Author is an easy to use e-publishing tool available for free in the Mac App store. 


To be eligible for judging:

1. Attend either of the two events 1) iBookhack in Zeeland MI on June 16th-19th, or 2) bookhack in Conway, AR July 7-9th.

2. Create an educational multi-touch iBook that aligns to content area standards for a particular grade level.

3. Submit your .iBooks file via the official online form by midnight June 30th (Michigan hackers) or midnight July 28th (Arkansas hackers).

4. Be in compliance with copyright and other rules listed above. 


Specifically, the final multi-touch book should,

  • have an "About" and "Credits" page with proper attribution.
  • cover a major unit of study in a particular subject area.
  • meet or exceed common core state standards or similar content area standards for the intended audience. 
  • provide quality instructional content for the end user.
  • provide ample practice and assesment opportunities for the end user. 
  • Be licensed and available for other teachers/districts to download and use.
  • Be in compliance with copyright and creative commons licensing. 

Hackathon Sponsors


$800 in prizes

Best iBook overall (2)

iPad mini with retina display will be awarded to the top two iBooks submitted by the deadline.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Steve Dickie

Steve Dickie
Teacher / Tech Integration Specialist, MI

Sean Junkins

Sean Junkins
Technology Integration Specialist, SC

Matt Baier

Matt Baier
Director of Innovation, Cathedral Catholic, CA

Josh Mika

Josh Mika
Director of Media and Library Resources, IL

Mia Morrison

Mia Morrison
Teacher / Tech Integration Specialist, Foxcroft Academy, ME

Julie Willcott

Julie Willcott
STEM educator, Foxcroft Academy, ME

Cheryl Davis

Cheryl Davis
Technology Coordinator, CA

Jenny Grabic

Jenny Grabic
CEO at, NC

Judging Criteria

  • Content quality
    What is the quality of the instructional content in the book?
  • Interactivity
    How interactive is the book? Are there various modes of learning represented?
  • Alignment to standards
    What standards are met in this book? Does it sufficiently cover these standards?
  • Instructional design
    What is the user experience like? Does the content flow well? Does the design and layout add to the engagement or distract the learner.
  • Likely to be used by teachers
    Is this book a resource that others can benefit from or was it made specifically for you and your students?

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