Rules for submitting:

  1. Participants must be in attendance during the iBookhack from June 16-19, in Zeeland or from July 7th to July 9th in Conway Arkansas. Submissions are due at midnight on June 30, 2014 for MI hackers and midnight July 28th for Arkansas hackers. 
  2. iBooks submitted must cover at minimum of 1 unit of study or 1 chapter of study typical to the average k-12 classroom curriculum. 
  3. iBooks submitted must contain an “About” page in which the author(s) detail the content area standards met in the book. 
  4. iBooks submitted must contain a “Credits” page in which all work/content is attributed appropriately.
  5. iBooks submitted must be free of any copyrighted materials unless accompanied by a letter indicating the allowed use of the copyrighted content by the lawful owner. 
  6. iBooks submitted do not have to be published to the iBookstore. Those iBooks that are published to the store must be available to download for free to be eligible for judging. 
  7. iBooks are judged based on content integrity, alignment to standards, interactivity, user experience, and design. 
  8. Participants will retain full intellectual property of their content. However, they agree to allow ibookhack to post the .ibooks files on their website for others to download and view. 
  9. Participants will submit their iBook via a shared Dropbox or Google Drive link to the iBookhack faculty. A specific form will be given to participants at the event. 
  10. iBookhack will not publish your content to the iBookstore.